Sunday, January 14, 2018


11.30pm seemed too early to go to bed on a hot night, so last night I put this movie on.  It is the story of Wiener-Dog (or sausage dogs as we usually call them in NZ).  From his birth this story is told in four separate stories with four different lots of owners. 

In the first he is given to a young boy as a present, then after an accident is taken to a vet to be put down where in his second story he is rescued by the vet nurse.  In the third story he is living with a depressed New York screenwriting Professor.  Lastly he ends up with an elderly woman who is being visited by her grand daughter.

I don't know what about this movie slightly annoyed me.  Whether it was the naturalistic style or  trying too hard to be too hipster vibe but somehow the movie seemed quite depressing and sad with no real moments of joy.

  I am glad it was a cheap special rather than having had paid for a cinema seat.  2/5


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John Bellen said...

It does sound like a rather sad film, the poor dog being handed about a lot. I like dachshunds, but I don't think I'll watch this one.