Saturday, January 27, 2018

Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children

It has been a hot day in the city, and due to certain budget restraints a day at home was in order rather than a spendy day.  So chores were done and dinner cooked and then as the neighbors were noisily entertaining I thought it was a good opportunity to watch another movie.

This one is based on a book from a couple of years ago that I read, and I must say felt a bit meh about, so I didn't have high hopes.  Tim Burton films are a bit that way for me too.  Although often visually pleasing with high contrast bright images with great attention to detail I often find them long and a bit tedious. 

And that was the impression I was left with after watching the movie.  Like the book I came away not sure that I actually understood the plot, even after reading the Wikipedia description.  I am not sure that I am the target audience or have the necessary sense of whimsy that the movie was directed at.  Still it was a 99c special so I should not complain.  3/5

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John Bellen said...

I used to like Tim Burton, but I've found that most of his movies have the same feel to them. Perhaps it's just the way he is now. It's good to be able to know what to expect from a certain director or writer or actor, but when there is so little variation, it becaome tedious.