Sunday, January 28, 2018

King Arthur - Legend o the Sword

Oh crazy hot mess of a movie - how do I write about you?  Whoever dreamed up this one must have been partaking of some special kinds of magic mushrooms while they watched too many Peter Jackson movies.  The problems of most movies of this ilk seem to be that they swing from one large action scene to the next and the story is made to fit in the quiet bits.

 I get that this is King Arthur for a new generation, but for me it failed as the legend and that sword did not seem to be the focus.  Instead we are shown scenes of gigantic fighting bats, and elephants  the size of mountains.  It felt messy as it swung back in forth in time instead of a straight narrative, it just felt disjointed and confused. 

I did like  a few things, the scenery was just beautiful full of lakes and green forests, and ancient Londinium in early scenes looked pretty epic and  King Eric Bana - yes please.  2/5

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John Bellen said...

It does sound rather awful. I find that the more giant action scenes a movie has, the emptier it is.