Saturday, August 04, 2018

The Neuroscientist Who Lost her Mind - Barbara K. Lipska

Neuroscientist Barbara Lispska has spent her career focusing on other peoples brains, yet when her own begins to fail her, she is quick to decide it is a brain tumor causing the problems. I was surprised though at some of her decisions like continuing to drive and work, putting others at risk with some of her decision making. After a resection and biopsy she is diagnosed with malignant melanoma and she undergoes some pretty intense treatment and therapies. The recurring tumors affect her cognitive decision making, and it is pretty scary that she was getting lost, unable to remember where she parked the car, the way home or in some instances how to drive. I know here that with such a diagnosis, neurosurgeons would recommend not driving at all until treatment is undertaken and clearance is given at a later date.

Her family seem reluctant to discuss the issues with her, and although concerned at her behavior changes they continue on as normal. Still it is interesting to read about her version of what is happening to her at the time and you have to admire her determination to continue keeping fit and doing a triathlon in the midst of her recovery. 4/5

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John Bellen said...

It doesn't sound responsible at all to continue to work and drive in such a condition. As they say, doctors make the worst patients.