Saturday, October 01, 2011

Dead Mans Grip - Peter James

Dead Mans Grip - Peter James (2011)

If you have got sick of Jack Reacher wandering up and down roads, and wondered why all the forensic pathologists have gone a bit loopy and always seem to get trapped by the serial killers they are chasing ,  then Peter James is a good alternative.  He is a smart writer, it feels tight and even though I have 12 books from the library I should be reading ahead of this one, I chose to I dug into the latest story about Roy Grace.

It does well as a stand alone novel, but there is a little bit of back story of Detective Grace and his team in Brighton.  His wife has been missing for about ten years and he has found happiness with Cleo, and they are expecting their first baby.  In the meantime a young cyclist is killed in a truck accident, which sets of a couple of murders that the team must solve.

A 4/5 - I'm already waiting for the next book.

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