Monday, October 03, 2011

Faery Tale - Signe Pike

Faery Tale - Signe Pike (2010)

After spending 91 pages invested in a novel I couldn't finish (so sorry Lloyd Jones), I picked this one up with some trepidation.  I had read the review on S.Krishna's Books, my favorite book bloggers site and thought I would give it a go.

Signe Pike works in Manhattan in the book industry when she begins to question the magic in her life and wonders if faeries actually exist.  Wanting to explore more she travels to Mexico, England, Ireland, the Isle of Man and Scotland to try and find out.  I really enjoyed her travels, the places she went to and the people she meets are captivating.  As well as finding a bit of magic in her life, she also begins to mourn the loss of her father who she had been having trouble letting go of.

A nice read that has left me smiling and thinking of my own house gnome.  4/5

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Pia K said...

sounds like a lovely book!