Monday, October 24, 2011

Sanctus - Simon Toyne

Sanctus - Simon Toyne (2011)

So, I read the blurb at the library, but was too tight to pay the $4 for a week fee, and booked it out for the $2 for a month fee, which was good as I have the library mountain perched next to my bed.  Once I started the book though, I was initially a bit turned off by the authors note which mentions this is the first of a triliogy which is always risky.  Often the first book then can't stand alone and always ends up with an unfinished story and a quick unresolved ending.

The story itself is in the Dan Brown Genre, you know the characters rush around trying to solve the mystery, while the reader is educated in history or in this case, religious history with a biblical twist. Liv Adamsen rushes to Ruin in Turkey, where a priest with unusual scars is found at the bottom of the citadel after a public dive from a huge height.  She is not the only one trying to find out the truth, both about the death and the mystical order which are protecting one of the worlds great secrets.

I enjoyed the writing and the pace of the story which thankfully didn't have too many car chases and shoot outs, and it was a credit to the author that the main character was a well written female who wasn't a cliched cup cake baker.  So I'll be waiting for the second book - 4/5.

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