Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Story of Beautiful Girl - Rachel Simon

The Story of Beautiful Girl - Rachel Simon (2011)

This is essentially the story of four people.  Lynnie, who has an  unnamed intellectual disabiliy who escapes from the institution where she lives with her friend Homan.  After escaping, and delivering a small baby they stumble across a widower Martha who gives them shelter and clean clothes.  Realising they are being chased by police, they hide the baby.  Lynnie is captured and returns to the school, and Homan manages to get away. 

So it is each of their stories we follow.  Each of their stories is compelling, and I enjoyed the thought that it challenged me to think about people living with disablilites.  One of my dads cousins lived most of his life in an institution, but his family remained close and he was always welcomed in the families homes and truly loved.  Now that most of these homes have closed, I do see some families within my work, where many of them are exhausted by the constant full time care. 

So a 4/5 - as it is a memorable story, and I thought the characters of Lynnie and Homan, were unique and interesting voices.

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