Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Contagion (2011)

Make sure you go to this movie when you are free of the flu, coughs or sneezes as you will scare the other patrons.  Basically the tale of a pandemic, this one is stylishly filmed, well written and not overly dramatic.  I liked its pared down style, although Jude Law with his Aussie/English/Irish crazy accent and funny tooth was a bit cheesy,  Gwenyth does a good seizure and Kate looks good even without any botox and a series of frumpy jumpers.

Matt Damon again plays a serious role, a dad trying to save his daughter from being infected which gave the story a personal touch, and made it seem realistic.  So if you never thought of slathering yourself with antiseptic hand wipe before you saw this movie, you might want to stock up on the way in.  Oh and a few pair of gloves as well might come in handy, and a face mask.  4/5

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