Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Unknown - DVD (2011)

Awww Liam Neeson, it was nice to see you roaming around looking concerned, it seems to be what you do best in this and most of the movies  you have been in lately.  Arriving at a hotel for a conference, he realises his briefcase is missing and returns to the airport to retrieve it.  On route, a car accidents sends him spinning into the river with a head injury and returning to the hotel, neither his wife nor colleagues recognise him.  So in trying to find out who the impostor is pretending to be him, he gets chased by lots of guys with guns and does a lot of  dangerous driving.

I was especially impressed that this tall fellow keeps finding just the right fit of clothes, every time his own outfits get torn up.  Awesome.  By the end I had kind of lost interest in the plot and story and fast forwarded to the end.  I'm a bit over the He was a hitman but didn't know it scenario - time for another theme Hollywood.  2/5

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