Monday, November 28, 2011


So I gave in this week and bought myself a kindle.  I got the new version and it didn't take too long to figure it out.  It's light and small and will be great to fit into my bag and take to work.  I do get a bit sick of lugging a big book in every day, although I do tend to prefer only reading one book at a time so we will have to see how that goes.  After a weekend travelling with a huge book, I can see this will be much easier.

So lots of bonuses, however I did discover a few annoying things.  In NZ we are stuck with only being able to buy off Amazon. com.  I much prefer Amazon UK, as they have good book deals, for example a daily deal with a best seller for only 99p.   The Pacific/Asia customers seem to be being ripped off with the book prices for kindle which I fail to understand, as it is not as though we are actually buying anything different than US/UK customers.  For example one book I saw on the UK site was 99p, and  in the US they were being offered it a $2, but the cheapest I could get it for was $8, which sucks.

Can I see it replacing my library books - no.  I still continue to use the libraries almost free service, as I really can't afford to buy books all the time.  In the past 2 years I have bought only five books, and I enjoy that I can get loads of new books so quickly at the local library, so that will be my main supplier.  However for weekends away and holidays it will be nice not to have to jam a huge tome in my satchel.

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