Saturday, March 17, 2012

Crazy Stupid Love

Crazy Stupid Love - DVD (2011)

Ahhh the dreaded dromedy (drama/comedy), where the movie tries to be both funny and serious, which for me always falls flat in one area.  I had picked this one for a weekend movie night, but the flu fairy thought to visit me for Friday - so lucky.  So popcorn was off the menu, as my throat felt like sandpaper.  Instead it was tissues and a lemon drink on the couch.

Steve Carrell plays a middle aged father, whose wife has decided that their marriage is over.  After only being with one woman, he decides to enter the bar scene, and needs a bit of guidence from his new wingman, Ryan Gosling.   I enjoyed the other actors Julienne Moore and Emma Roberts are always entertaining to watch.

It was a 3/5 - I was mildly entertained, but not over excited by this one.

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