Thursday, March 08, 2012

Not Buying It - Judith Levine

Not Buying It - Judith Levine (2006)

Judith and her partner spend a year, trying to buy only the essentials and not spend any money on clothes, books, movies etc.  `A great idea, and it gives you lots of interesting ideas to ponder.  For me, I have wardrobes and cupboards already full to the brim, yet it is addictive to head off to the shops and look for more stuff.  In the end though, it all feels overwelming.

After moving last year, I realised that I didn't need so much stuff and gave lots to the charity shops and tried to trim down.  I have also tried to avoid the shops at weekends, although internet shopping is very tempting.

Worth a read if you are thinking of cutting back, and saing a few bucks.  3/5

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