Sunday, March 25, 2012

Your Voice in My Head - Emma Forrest

Your Voice in My Head - Emma Forrest (2011)

Emma Forrest moves to New York at 22 to be a journalist, and finds herself in a series of bad relationships and dwindling self esteem.  Bouts of bulima, cutting and suicide attempts put her under the psychiatric care of Dr R,

Unaware of his illness, she is suprised to read an email from Dr Rs brother in law announcing his death.  This sends her on another downward spiral as she seeks alternative care and guidence. 

In the end though, I was just annoyed with the girl.   I didn't find her story a fairy tale or romantic.  It was just sad and confused, and she was lucky that she could function with all of her issues.  She was lucky to be able to hold a well paid job, and maybe a lot of her success was due to a celebrity relationship that kept her in the public eye.


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