Sunday, March 18, 2012

Summer Daydreams - Carole Matthews

Summer Daydreams - Carole Matthews (2012)

The one benefit to the flu fairy visiting is not feeling guilty about lazing around in bed reading, instead of doing gardening or other chores.  However, this bug hasn't really let me concentrate on much.  I had begun this one earlier in the week, and was looking forward to being able to get stuck in.

It is the rather simplistic story of Nelle, who works in the local fish and chip shop.  She dreams of bigger things and after a failed attempt at college, she sets up business making handbags. 

You can guess what happens, stuggles and rip offs start, will she stay with her partner, will she ignore her daughter, will she find happiness and will she become rich?

It was ok - I just felt a bit cheated as it felt a bit of an old chick flick story, one I feel I had read before.  2/5

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