Thursday, March 08, 2012

My Week with Marilyn

My Week with Marilyn (2012)

Tonight we went to see this movie as a fundraiser for Dress for Success, so the cinema was filled with lots of chatty middle aged women, the perfect audience for this movie.

We didn't expect to get sucked in by Michelle Williams as Marilyn, but she did a great job, reminding us in lots of moments of the luminescent beauty of Miss Monroe.  She certainly earned her Oscar nomination.

So this is the story of Colin, who decides he wants to work in the movies, and ends up assisting Laurence Olivier as he makes a movie in London with Marilyn Monroe.  Starting off as a gofer, Colin then ends up becoming an essential friend and spending a memorable week with the lovely actress.

Wonderful to see all these talented UK faces in this movie.  Perfect to sit in  the cinema with a glass of bubbles like us - oh except for the 4.9 earthquake we had in the middle of the movie (we're ok - it was just a shake).


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