Sunday, March 25, 2012

MWF Seeking BFF - Rachel Bertsche

MWF Seeking BFF - Rachel Bertsche (2011)

At first I thought this book was a bit American look at me story, but once I got through the beginning chapters I began to enjoy the journey.  Rachel is newly married and moves with her husband from New York to Chicago.  Once there, she finds herself without a best friend, someone she can just ring and ask out at short notice.  So she gives herself a year and goes on a friend hunt.

Trying to use any opportunity to make friends, she decides to search many avenues to finding new girlfriends, which comes across much like dating and finding a man.  I thought it was a bit silly, but speaking to some girls at work in similar circumstances, I think many people find it hard as they get older to make new friends.  We all have lots of acquaintances, but it is so much harder to find a friend that you want to share secrets with, or can rely on in a crisis.

So for that I think it is worth a 4/5.

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