Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I Thought I Knew - Alice Eve Cohen

What I Thought I Knew - Alice Eve Cohen (2009)

I read about this little book on Blogland, and got it out from the library on Monday, and started it Monday night at 11pm and had it finished by an hour and a half later, ready for sleep time.

In this memoir we meet Alice, who at age forty four is finally settled in her life.  With a new partner after a divorce,  a job teaching and a loved daughter she finds herself with bloating and abdominal pain.  Visits to various doctors are unable to find the cause, and so she is sent for a CT scan, where it is found that she is six months pregnant.

With no prenatal care, multiple risk factors and minimal health insurance it becomes difficult to find a doctor to take on her care.  Then with a varied diagnoses of problems with the baby, we get to follow Alice along with all of her choices and questions regarding the birth, adoption, abortion, marriage. breast feeding and family life.

I enjoyed this little book, as she is honest and open to talking about all the crazy questions that must come up when you are surprised by a late pregnancy, especially when you are told you are infertile.


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