Friday, April 20, 2012

Bringing Adam Home = Les Standiford

Bringing Adam Home - Les Standiford (2011)

Wow this was one hard book to read through.  I truly wanted to stop several times, but I felt it is a story that needs to be held.  Adam Walsh was six years old, and with his mom in 2011 went to a local shopping centre.  Looking for a lamp, his mother left him to look at video games,  and when she returned her son was missing.

His torture and murder are horrid, and the investigation into his muder seems crazy, and a symptom of the pre computer times in 1981.  It is hard when we are brain washed by CSI, we think it is easier to find killers, and hard to remember a time when it was easier to find a car, than to find a missing child.

I think one of the shocking things was that even with a confession, the murderer was never charged with the murder of this child. The details of his abduction are graphic and stomach turning, and were hard things to read.  A horrid horrid man, who had no guilt about sexually abusing and murdering a child, and numerous other people.  He truly deserves to rot.

John Walsh, Adams father is the host of Americas most wanted, and has spent the past forty years in the pursuit of criminals and getting missing children returned to their homes.   With his wife, he was instrumental in getting law changes to share information about missing children.  A true hero.


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