Sunday, April 15, 2012

Source Code

Source Code - DVD (2011)

Movie night was on Saturday night at my  house.  Alas no popcorn, but a few caramels helped my sweet tooth feel satisfied.  The librarian said that this was a good one, and I knew the premise as I had seen the ads on televison and some reviews.

Jake is a soldier who is sent back to relive the same eight minutes over and over, so that he can find out who has set a bomb on the train which if it goes off will call a few hundred people.  Each time he learns more and more about who the cuprit is, and how he has ended up being sent back to solve the crime about to happen.

I watched it, but was browsing the internets at the same time, so I was not sure if I got myself a little confused, so thank goodness for Wilipedia which can explain the plot.  Still not sure though, if I fully understand the premise, however it does make you think about going back and changing the future.


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