Friday, April 20, 2012

Casper the Commuting Cat - Susan Finden

Casper the Commuting Cat - Susan Finden (2011)

Susan is a long term cat lover who lives with Casper who likes to wander.  At various homes they lived in, he used to take himself off during the day to sit in local pharmacies and GP surgeries, warming the chairs and getting petted by the locals.  When Susan and her husband move to Plymouth, she finds out the Casper is waiting at the local bustop and taking buses around the community.

Caspers videos appear on youtube and news programmes around the world, and his fame grows.  In the end, as with most cat/dog/pet books there are tears.

It was a sweet little story, that made me smile.  The tought of these outdoor cats that have their own little lives, making other people smile.  We have a little black cat that goes to the local bus stop, and curls her tail up and lets people pat her every day.


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