Monday, April 30, 2012

Winters Bone

Winters Bone - DVD (2010)

It was the perfect weekend to watch a couple of DVDs as the forecast was for wild and wet weather, and the autumn evenings are now getting quite chilly.  Still no matter how cold it is here, it is not as cold looking as the settting of this movie, nor as grim.

Ree is seventeen, and having to look after a depressed mother and two young siblings after the disppearance of her drug making father.  Living off the kindness of neigbours and the small squirrels they can cook and eat money is sparse.  When a bondsman arrives, he tells them that they can lose the house and land, if the father fails to attend a court date. 

Searching for her father puts her in the path of dangerous locals, and even with her own life at risk, she continues to search for answers.  A stunning performance from  Jennifer Lawerence as Ree.  3/5

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