Saturday, April 28, 2012


Centurion - DVD (2010)

Back before men worried about skinny jeans, iphone apps, skincare or being able to bake - there were Romans.  They liked to drink, fight, run, fight, make weapons, fight, build straight roads and fight.
Yes you guessed it, there is a lot of fighting.

The ninth legion is sent off to fight some Picts, but finds itself ambushed in the forest.  The survivors then try to escape from some fur covered warriors sent to track them down.  The scenery was awesome, I loved the wintry big views, and even though lots of reviews mocked the storyline, I found it ok.  I didn't need a lot of character development, when they are going to die anyway.

So - there was a LOT of violence in this one it was an ok 3/5 for me on a rainy afternoon.  Michael Fassbender, Dominic West and David Morrissey are a bit of middle aged eye candy too.

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