Monday, April 02, 2012

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games (2012)

I finished the book at lunchtime today, and thought as it was my day off  that I would head out for a walk and then pop into see the movie.  I went to the new Embassy movie theatre in town - they've added two cinemas downstairs which are quite lovely.

I liked the book, enjoyed that it had a strong lead role in Katniss Everdeen and thought that her role was played so well in the movie.  I liked that the movie was able to trim a lot of the back story without losing the soul of the movie.  You could still tell that the father was gone, the mother had had a melt down, Prim was sensitive and that Katniss and Gale had a special relationship. 

I also thought that the movie did a good job of portraying a lot of Katniss's experience, her hallucinations, becoming deaf, the pain of the burns, being chased, being frightened - it was easy to tell that she was experiencing a range of feelings without having to use whiney indie girl singers. 

So a 4/5 for this movie that a million bijillion teenage girls, and a few middle aged women will go and see.

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