Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Woman Who Went to Bed For A Year - Sue Townsend (2012)

Eva says good bye to her seventeen year old twins, who are off to Leeds University.  So she climbs the stairs and decides that she will spend the next year in bed.

Her husband decides to introduce his secret girlfriend, who has been visiting him in his shed for years.  We also get to meet Evas mother and mother in-law who along with the local handyman, take care of her providing food and doing odd jobs for her.

I didn't know what to really think about this book.  I know that the author was trying to pepper the book with lots of interesting characters, but in the end I just felt annoyed with Eva and all the people who enabled her.    It didn't strike me in the funny bone, and nothing really interesting happened.  3/5

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Karen and Gerard said...

Guess I'll skip this one. Appreciate your honest review. I recommend CATCH ME by Lisa Gardner--really good read!