Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Heaven is Here - Stephanie Nielson

Heaven is Here - Stephanie Nielson (2012)

Stephanie Nielson has a popular blog, which I have been reading for ages about her life with husband Christian, and now with five lovely children.  In this book, she writes the story of their early life together, and then about the plane crash that they were in in 2008. 

Suffering 80% burns, Stephanie wakes in hospital three months after her accident after being in a medically induced coma.  With months of rehab, and numerous operations, she has to learn to do many basic tasks again.  It takes time to re-establish a relationship with her children, but with lots of family support, eventually they are able to move in together in their new family home.

I really enjoyed this book, she did a good job of describing both the great parts of her life, and the difficulties she faced after the accident.  You could only hope, that faced with the same struggles, that you could pick yourself up and get on with things, and still see the fun in life.  A good read, that was touching and truthful.  5/5

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