Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hall Pass

Hall Pass - DVD (2011)

Oh movie night, again you were a disapointment, I might have to replace you with a go to bed and read night instead.  My fault I guess, cos I choose this one.  I only expected it to be mildly funny, so in that way I wasn't totally disapointed.

You get the scenario - two average middle aged idiots of husbands, manage to annoy and embarass their wives and get given a week long 'hall pass' to leave the marriage, and do whatever they want.  Which of course means make asses of themselves and try cheesy pick up lines on girls young enough to be their daughters - yuck.

I probably only watched the first half, and then was on the internet for the second half, and can't even remember how the stupid thing ended, an hour after it has finished.  I did see a moment of the credits and realised that the Farrelly brothers had helped on this, and understood why it was full of fifteen year old boy humour - gross.

1/5 - for this wonderful gem.  I'd like my 45 minutes back now.

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