Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Kisses From Katie - Katie J. Davis

Kisses From Katie - Katie J. Davis (2011)

At eighteen, Katie Davis gives up her life in Nashville Tennessee, to travel to Uganda to be a kindergarten teacher.  Telling her parents that she will stay a year, and then return to the States to study Katie finds herself pulled by the children she meets and is able to help.

Eventually adopting fourteen young girls, in order to help them and many others in the community, Katie starts a charity to enable children to get a an education and provide simple health care, and a warm meal, to many who have done without.

You have to admire a girl, who so far from home, has opened her doors and heart to so many and I was a bit shocked by the level of poverty that she described.  Katie relies on her faith to help guide her, and I did skim over a lot of the religious side of the book, which didn't take away from the rest of her story.  3/5

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