Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Following Atticus - Tom Ryan

Following Atticus - Tom Ryan  (2011)

Atticus is a little black and white  minature schnauzer terrier who comes into Tom Ryans life at just the right time.  As the owner of a local newspaper he finds having the little terrier gets him more out and about, and well known by many of the locals.  Discovering a new found love for walking, the boys hit many of the local mountains, climbing the forty eight peaks close to their home.  He shares that love, with letters to his elderly father and with his readers.

After tackling them in the summer, they attempt them over the winter to try and raise money for charity.  Climbing in the wind and snow, Tom never forces the trips on Atticus, and always follows his instincts.  If Atticus doesn't want to go, Tom will turn around and go home.  Everyone tells them he is crazy, but both Tom and Atticus enoy the beauty and freedom they get in the hills.

To be honest, I didn't expect to be as charmed as I was by this little book.  It is a true story about friendship and love, and how a pet can change your world.  A great little read. 5/5.

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