Friday, May 04, 2012

My Experimental Life - A. J. Jacobs

My Experimental Life - A. J. Jacobs (2009)

I've met A.J Jacobs before - once when he decided to live biblically for a year, and again when he spent the year reading the encyclopedia from A-Z, both of which were mildly entertaining.

So this years effort was a bit different, he spends a month following different rules.  One month following George Washingtons rules of behaviour, a month with some outsources in India doing his bidding, posing naked for a female guest editor, and my favorite - a month following his wifes rules.

I wasn't stunned by this collection of little trials.  Maybe I was expecting a book about medical experiments, and at the end I thought that he should have done a year of following his wifes guidelines, that would have made for me a more entertaining book.  3/5


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