Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Drop - Michael Connelly

The Drop - Michael Connelly (2011)

So Michael Connelly has bought his A game to his latest Detective Bosch drama.  I picked this one up at the library, and thought that I would bring it home and started it straight away, ignoring the persistant pile of books piled up by my bedisde.

Once I started it, I enjoyed the story and curling up with it every night.  Detective Bosch is now facing retirement, and is sent to work in the cold case dept.   After taking on an unusual unsolved rape and murder case,  he is pulled into another case, when a prominant councilmans son is found outside the Chateau Marmont.  Unsure if they are looking at a murder or a suicide, Bosch and his partner take over and find it is not as clear cut as first thought.

It was a good smart detective thriller, which was good, as I seem to have been a bit dispointed by many that I hae read recently.  For that I give it a 4/5.

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