Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Between a Rock and a Hot Place - Tracey Jackson

Between a Rock and a Hot Place - Tracey Jackson (2011)

In this youth orientated culture, it seems like aging certainly for women is made to be a bit taboo.  We hear lots of advice for girls at purberty and childbearing years, but  menopause is only to be discussed in daytime shows like Dr Oz or buried in obscure old ladies magazines.

I really liked Traceys book, which is more a memoir peppered with her own advice about the changes in her life as she moved towards and past fifty.  Her ideas about HRT, plastic surgery, working, motherhood, sexuality and aging gracefully were all challenged by menopause itself, and certainly had me laughing at many of her stories.  Living in both New York and LA her opinions are certainly skewed by where she lives, as I doubt many of my friends feel the same pressure here.

I enjoyed the book, and have certainly thought of buying several copies for all of my fortyish year old friends.  4/5

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