Monday, June 05, 2017

Dirty Dancing Fail

Is it sad to say that on today's public holiday I was content to stay home after having a busy week.  I also saw that Dirty Dancing was on the tele at lunchtime, so I  did my chores in the morning, made lunch and got ready to camp on the couch.

I was just a simple 18 year old when Dirty Dancing came out and went along with a  bestie to see it.  She may have noticed a tear in my eye as the credits rolled. Since then I have seen it several times, although I think it may have been ten years since I have watched it again.

What was this though - not the original 1987 version, but a 2017 remake - oh no!!!  I did watch a bit if it and it was quite the disappointment.   It was like a high school reinterpretation of the original.  The words and actions there but no magic.   Abigail Breslin was not the right choice to play Baby.  Although she may have been the right age and have had curls in her hair, she seemed  too young and awkward for the role .  The guy who played Johnny also seemed outo of place.  Although he put on the tight pants and got himself a six pack he had none of the swagger, dance skills or natural bad boyness that Patrick Swayze bought to the role.

Awww I am a bit sad as I'do been looking forward to this one.  Still lucky I've got a good book to read.  1/5


sallyhicks said...

How disappointing. I loved the Great Gatsby with Mia Farrow and loved it but the re make was horrible so I kow how you feel.

John Bellen said...

Re-makes are usually less than tremendous. I think everyone who saw the re-make of "Dirty Dancing" agrees with you about it. There should be no re-makes unless there is a fundamental change in the telling of the story (eg. the original "Ben-Hur" was a black-and-white silent film; I am certainly not against black-and-whites but re-doing it in the 1950s was justified by the revolution in technology (sound)).