Saturday, December 16, 2017

Alone in Berlin

It was a hot day in the city and rather than brave the crowds, I did the washing and relaxed at home.  Now as the evening cools a little, it was time to watch another 99c special before it disappeared in a couple of days.

  Alone In Berlin is based on a book, which in turn is  based on a real life couple.   In the movie an older married German couple discover that their only son has been killed and the grief turns them inside out.  Trying to survive in Berlin where they see chaos around them, they send out individual postcards around the city urging people to resist.  Meanwhile the authorities are trying to find out who is sending these messages, and the pressure is beginning to mount.  A serious watch, that is made bearable by the stellar Brendan Gleeson and Emma Thompson who I think puts in an amazing performance.  She is by far one of my favorite actresses to watch on screen - maybe the lack of botox allows her to show emotions so well, and she radiates sadness and fear as well as love in this little movie. 

It is not a light watch and left me a little sad at the end.  3/5

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John Bellen said...

"The lack of Botox"... Ha, good one. Yes, she is a great talent, all right.