Wednesday, December 13, 2017


On our NZ Duke TV channel  - they are currently playing a History Channel programme called Doomsday, that I recorded to watch the past two weeks or so.  It demonstrates 10 possible scenarios about the way the world could end, all looking rather grim and seem to involve us becoming crispy critters. 

This week was about a rogue planet coming close to earth causing the earth to break up.  Last weeks was about the earth entering a black hole.  As it is an American produced show, when each disaster starts to occur it primarily seems to destroy regions in Asia or Europe first.  The last lot of humans surviving are of course Americans, in the Black hole episode it was American military leader and politicians hidden in bunkers under mountains - they did eventually all get burnt up.  This week it was Americans in a submarine who were the last survivors - no mention of any other nationalities and their navies.  They too ended up burnt up. 

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John Bellen said...

When God calls you home, it doesn’t matter if you’re American or not. You go!