Thursday, December 14, 2017

Star Wars - The Last Jedi

Look at me - this middle aged lady going out on opening night like a youngster.  Actually friends of mine got tickets from their insurance team and so we were also loaded up with cheap sugary tasteless ice cream,  a bucket of popcorn and diet coke to make me want to pee after 10 minutes.  It did make me feel old to remember going to the same cinema to see the original star wars in 1977 with my parents, and now we are old enough to be taking my friends kids.

So of course it is another story about good vs evil, except this time a lady gets to fight with a light sabre, the baddie takes the mask off and  Carrie Fisher shines in her role while Luke Skywalker looks like he is heading off to rehab.

Although many of the nuances of the story may have been lost on me, and some of the plot points as I may have dozed off in places (to be fair I was at work until 4am this morning and only managed to fall asleep from 6-7am).  I did find it entertaining, and you know what you are in for.  Lots of serious discussions, battles, explosions, running, a touch of zen thrown in, more battles, loud explosions, fire, and finally the big battle.  I do wonder though if all the focus on the special effects comes ahead of making a good story, often it feels to me like it is just a series of battle scenes strung together in order to sell more video games.

So I wandered as I left the cinema if my friends boys will be coming back in another 40 years to see the newest one in the series?  3/5


Kea said...

I was a big, big fan of the original trilogy, saw the movies a gazillion times. Less of a fan of the newer movies. I have to ask, because I presume it's the case: Does "Luke" die in this one? I can remember George Lucas saying once, in an interview, that the intent was to have only R2-D2 and C-3PO alive at the end of the entire series. Or at least only the robots.

I'm really old school, I confess. I hate it when they mess with the characters. Same deal for Star Trek now too.

John Bellen said...

I didn't care for the first of the new series, as I felt it was just a re-make of the original. I won't be watching any more in the series. And like Kim, I dislike it when they mess with the characters.