Sunday, December 31, 2017

Middle Aged Mumster Movie Night In - The New Years Eve Edition - The Intern

Its New Years Eve in the city, and the clouds are circling with the promise of heavy rain.  The day was grey and windy, and as I am recovering from night shift hours sleeping is not going so well.  So it was a perfect day to stay home and continue reading books and then take a break after lunch and watch a movie.

I chose The Intern - I had skipped it at the cinema but was glad to find it on special to watch.  You can't beat the $3 ticket price to sit at home on my couch.  The basic premise is that Robert De Niro plays a 70 year old widowed retired businessman who looking for a new challenge, applies to be a senior intern at an internet fashion startup.  His boss is played by Anne Hathaway who is is trying to have it all, being a mom, staying married and running a business.

There was lots to like about this movie, like all Nancy Meyers movies the visuals were lovely with both living in beautiful New York homes.  The main characters were likable and charming and the support cast were funny and sweet, with a few home truths about how men have disappeared lately to be replaced by manboys who dress like 14 year olds, ride skateboards and play video games.  Where it fell down for me yet again was the story.  The first half had charm and humor and then it tried to turn into a drama and I felt it ended a bit abruptly without the story line being resolved.  Maybe it was a setup for a second movie?  3/5

So hope you are all ready for the New Year and relaxing and taking it easy!  Best wishes for 2018!!

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John Bellen said...

It sounded promising, but I don't care for movies that let you down half-way through or at the end. I always feel that I've wasted my time with those. That's too bad. I like the premise, though. Hmm, I wonder how much an internship pays? Probably more than I'm making now...