Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Bad Feminist - Roxane Gay

I really enjoyed Roxane Gays book Hunger about her life, her sexual abuse and what it is to be a big woman in the world.  In this earlier book,  a collection of her essays are bought together which can make it seem a bit rambling as she talks on a variety of topics.

  She is an intelligent woman with and many of the essays were smart and challenging.  It is brutal to read when she writes about a gang rape case where the court is more concerned with the reputation of the boys involved than what happened to the victim.  It was even interesting to read about her adventures in the scrabble world - who knew that  people could retain all of those words and scores in their heads?  This book left less of an impression on me, and I did want to like it more but it didn't quite click with me. 3/5

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John Bellen said...

If this is an earlier book, perhaps her writing skills improved and she was able to do more with the later book.