Thursday, June 20, 2019

When The Dogs Don't Bark - Angela Gallop

So many things are good about this book.  Angela Gallop had an interesting career as a Forensic Scientist at a time where so many changes happened in her field.  She also worked on many prominent cases, and it is the cases that made the book a compelling read as it felt like a crime novel explained. 

I did stumble a bit though with some of the book.  I am not a fan of too much jargon and lots of the technical details went over my head, and I wasn't really interested in the business side of the book.  I guess I wanted more cases and I think that all the crime books I read and shows I watch make you think that the Forensic scientists will be out there solving the cases, whereas in reality I am sure that they are in the lab most of the time. 3/5

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John Bellen said...

Yes, I think tv and movies make lab-bound technicians look like master detectives, in the same way big city police chiefs are out in the field solving every murder that comes along. I find the real life desk-work often more interesting.