Sunday, June 17, 2012

33 Postcards (2011)

So Saturday night was a great night for a cheap curry and Roti bread (Roti Chenai), then a mint/choc +biscotti icecream at Cafe Eis here in Wellington, then a movie at the Paramount.  I tell you - it was a big night out in the city. It was super chilly, and most people were huddled in front of the rugby.

There were several shows on at the same time, so it was a last minute choice to see this one.  It is the story of Mei Mei (Little sister), who is left at the orphanage in rural China when she was six.  She grows up helping out with the choir, and at age sixteen is given the opportunity to tour Australia.

Since she was young, she had been receiving postcards from a family who sponsered her, and so when she gets the chance she goes to search for them.  What she finds is not what she expected.

At first I thought we had made a good choice with this movie, a third of the way through I was convinced that we were just watching a stereotypical good girl lost in the story tale and by the end, well I wondered if had been written by a repressive government as a reply to Maos last Dancer.  Beware of the people in the West, they tell lies about their better lives.  1/5

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