Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Boy Who Fell To Earth - Kathy Lette

The Boy Who Fell To Earth - Kathy Lette (2012)

I had an infatuation with Kathy Lette years ago, especially after seeing Puberty Blues at the movies while an impressionable teenager. I loved a book, I did, but somewhere along the way we broke up, and went our separate ways. So this is the first book of hers I have picked up for a good ten years.

This is the story of Lucy, who after her husband ran off, is left with her autistic son Merlin to raise. We get to join Lucy, in her search for a new man in her life, where Merlin often inadvertently speaks his mind and scares any new fellows away.

Of course we get the rough as guts Aussie bloke turn up, to give Lucy a good time in the sack, and to educate Merlin on the ways of the world.

My impression was that I was amused for most of it, some of it was a bit cliched but in the end I was a bit ho hum about it all. 3/5

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