Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bill Cunningham New York

Bill Cunningham New York - DVD (2010)

So I have decided that I could afford a DVD to watch on Frugal Friday.  That means that I allow myself to go crazy with a $20 note.  So it was a DVD, a burger and some corn chips still left me with some coinage to spend at the market on Saturday morning.

I had REALLY wanted to see this movie last year, and it played for months at the arthouse cinemas that peppered Wellington.  Sometimes though, the gardening or friends are more important, so it had be shelved to my watch when comes out on DVD file.

Bill Cunningham is in his eighties and works for the New York Times shooting street styles and going to society events photographing the fashion.      In this movie the team follow him around on his day to day activities which he loves, and to his tiny apartment filled with filing cabinets, and his single bed propped up on boxes.  Slightly eccentric, his enthusiasm and dedication to what he does is inspiring, and it was such a sweet insight into the life of one man.  4/5

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