Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Two Moms - Zach Wahls

My Two Moms - Zach Wahls (2012)

I saw Zach Wahls on the Ellen DeGeneres show recently.  At 19 he had appeared in front of Iowa politicians at a public hearing about Gay marriages.  He is a child of two lesbian moms, who spoke with such wisdom and strength, and I had to admire his composure.

In NZ we have had civil unions for gays and lesbians for quite a few years, giving equal rights hopefully for our gay friends.  To be honest, I wonder what all the fuss is in other countries.  It hasn't made any families fall apart here, the world keeps spinning.

His moms must be so proud of him, and I love that people are standing up and questioning why his moms and other gay and lesbian couples continue to be discriminated against in their legal rights and medical care.

A touching memoir that was a surprise from a twenty year old 3/5

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