Friday, June 29, 2012

The Chaperone - Laura Moriarty

The Chaperone - Laura Moriarty (2012)

It is so satisfying to pick up a book and think that you will enjoy it, and to love it immensely and don't want it to end.

It is 1922 and  Cora is a stay at home housewife with two grown sons, and is married to a local lawyer. She volunteers to take on the role of chaperone, to local fifteen year old dancer Louise Brooks who is to attend a dance school in New York for the summer.

Once both women travel to New York and get settled in, we get to learn about both of them and their pasts.  I enjoyed both stories, and felt like I could picture them hanging out together.  I also enjoyed the fact that in the 1920s times were changing, and that many women were looking at the restrictions that they faced and changing them.

For me it was a wow - a 5/5 as I loved the time it was set in, the writing, the characters and the stories they told.

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