Sunday, June 17, 2012

Taken - Robert Crais

Taken - Robert Crais (2012 )

Way back in the day, Lee Childs Jack Reacher used to roam the mean streets picking off the bad fellows and quietly going to the next hotspot.  Lately however, he has been stuck going up and down the same country roads, picking off the same gang of toughies - much like a 90's computer character stuck on the same stage.

Back on the real mean streets of LA we have Cole and Pike who in this episode are off to find a missing daughter and her boyfriend, plucked from the desert by a gang of bajadores - gangs who prey on other bandits.

  It is pretty grim stuff, it did  make me cringe in several scenes,  with the thought of people smuggling being a modern day slavery.  There is pretty extensive violence portrayed but somehow you can always sense that the baddies will get their comeuppence in the end.

So if you are sick of strolling with Jack Reacher - don't forget to give Robert Crais a go - he's good! 4/5

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