Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bones Are Forever - Kathy Reichs

Bones Are Forever - Kathy Reichs (2012)

Awww Kathy Reichs, have you been out brainstorming with Mr Lee Childs and cra cra Patricia Cornwell?  Been discussing how to write a formulaic thriller for a dumbed down audience?

It started out promising with Dr Bones helping in the autopsy of three small babies found hidden in a residence, with a missing mother.  Then we went haywire, you know the bit where Dr Bones becomes detective Bones, and travels here and there digging into every ones business, investigating the murders and of course the obligatory being held hostage by one of the accused.  Don't you know I hate that?

Surely in these recession proof times, even the medical examiners office has had to pull up the purse strings, and Doctor would be chained to her desk, being expected to investigate several cases at once?  Not out running around town with the two men who are secretly in love with her, like sulky puppies.

I have already had to relegate you from the buy now to the borrow from the library pile, now you might just have to get demoted to the stop reading pile, and join your buddies James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell in the why bother pile.


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