Sunday, September 16, 2012

Guts - Kristen Johnston

Guts - Kristen Johnston (2012)

I saw Kristen Johnston on the Anderson Cooper show, where she was talking about her book, and then helping out with a bit of co-hosting.  Her book is part memoir about her early life, but mostly it is about her recent recovery after years of alcohol and pain medication addiction.

A couple of years ago, after a performance in a London play, she collapsed in the bathroom, after a ruptured ulcer caused haemorrhaging and peritonitis from leaking stomach contents.  A long recovery in bleak sounding London hospitals ensued, and although sore her forced withdrawal from cigarettes, alcohol and pills would not have helped to make her the most delightful of patients.

I was impressed with her television appearance, as she came across as being funny, sensitive and extremely personable, which also comes across in the book.  I think too that she showed some restraint in the book, by not being a massive name dropper and also by just holding back on the humour, unlike some comedians memoirs I have read lately.  3/5.

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