Sunday, September 30, 2012

War Horse

War Horse - DVD (2011)

The Flu Festival of 2012 provided me some opportunity to sit on the couch over the weekend, and catch up on the reading pile and watch some DVDs.   I had wanted to see this one, but didn't want to spend the money at the cinema.  There are quite a few that come out that I can easily relegate to the might look at later pile of movies.

So this is the story of a  farm boy and his horse Joey who are separated  during the first world war.  Drafted into service we get to follow this Joey, as he is sent into battle.

Of course as soon as it starts, we get an inkling of the ending, but even though the journey is somewhat predictable, it is hard not to be touched by this story.  The visuals are also quite stunning, especially the English countryside which is probably filmed in somewhere cheap and European.  3/5

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Karen and Gerard said...

My husband and I both loved this movie as well as the book. Here is a link to our review if interested: