Monday, September 24, 2012


Usually I am a bit dismissive of New Zealand TV.  You see my budget can't afford Sky TV, so I am stuck with poor peoples free Television, where most of the channels seem to be run by fifteen year old boys, who rotate series of Friends and specialise in Adam Sandler movies - yuck.

Thank goodness for Prime TV, for at least they show Game of Thrones, Mad Men and this week I have seen them start to advertise for season three of Downton Abbey.  I do love my books, but I don't want to read them every night, and a few hours in front of the box is good downtime in the evening.  Oh and how can I forget Antiques Roadshow.  Someone on their programming committee must be  middle aged  me thinks.

Still, the evenings are getting lighter here, and next week I think our daylight savings time will start, so there will be time to potter in the garden, and spend with friends.

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Cottage Tails said...

thanks for heads up re Downton Abbey.

How did you like Game of Thrones? I've been thinking of getting it on audio to listen to?
Love Leanne