Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Juliet, Naked

I didn't realize until the credits rolled on this one, that this movie was based on a Nick Hornby novel, which would have sold it to me anyway.  This year I haven't read much about the movies I've been picking, it has been a bit of a lucky dip which is quite nice for a little surprise.  So this little movie is about Annie who lives in a little seaside town with her boyfriend Duncan.  Duncan has been obsessed with a little known US artist Tucker Crowe, who disappeared from performing in the 90s.  Duncan runs his fan website, which he spends many nights with other middle aged men online obsessing over what happened to their idol.

One day, a mysterious cd arrives in the post and when Annie dares to write a scathing post on his site, that is the last straw from Duncan.  Annie then receives an email from the elusive Tucker Crowe and a strange new relationship starts.  It was a sweet movie, and I enjoyed the three main characters.  It was nice to have a story centered round some middle aged characters without having Botoxed 20 year olds.  4/5

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John Bellen said...

I've been interested in this, but like you, didn't know it was from a Hornby book. I may look into it.